Can anyone tell me where I can get a decklid badge for a 1300 Beetle? Some little scroats tried to rip mine off on Fiday night and managed to break it so I need to replace it but haven't had any luck finding one. Any help will be gratefully received





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I found one for you at The Samba.



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I was thinking if someone tried to take My badge off the engine lid they would probably damage the engine lid...

so I took the clips off the badge...

and I used some double sided auto tape to stick onto the badge and onto My engine lid...

I stuck the tape under every letter of "VW Automatic" ..

so it won't come off in a hurry...


Now whether this will stop anyone from trying to steal it, I don't know..

and whether it will stop any damage ..???

I still don't know...


anyway its now stuck on...  [pins still go thru the holes]


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