I have a 1600cc dual port engine and a 1500cc single port that i just got, can I use the dual port heads on the 1500, what else would I have to change? what is the main difference between the two? Can anyone help. I am trying to make one out of the two. The main reason is that my engine is worn has a lot of play but the heads and cylenders are good, the 1500 has been rebuilt i just dont like that it is single port. Thanks

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  You should be able to pull the heads from the 1600 and install them on the 1500 without any problems. Just replace the exhaust valves on the heads
you use as they do have a bad habit of the valve head breaking away from the stem and destroying your engine at rpm. Don't take a chance, the cost of 4 new exhaust valves is small compared to another engine.

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The only difference was the piston size 1500--83mm and the 1600--85.5mm. But if that 1500 is rebuilt recently check to see if it is not already fitted with the 85.5 cylinders as they just slip right in, and the 83's are not as easy to get. Your dp heads will fit right on with no modifications but, like ainokia(like that handle by the way) has stated change the exhaust valves! Check the guides also as they are most likely worn out.Put a new valve in to where it is about where it would sit at full lift and try to wiggle it back and forth in the guide. Max is about .30 thousands movement. As I said that IS the maximum amount, ideally you would want it to be a closer tolerance.
P.S. new parts total movement should be .09 to .11 thousands
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