i started a 1776 motor project sometime ago (12years) well 3 kids later and i am back to it. I would like to finish this motor without spending a ton of money, i have a rebuilt short block (by me), case has been opened for 90.5, i have the jugs and pistons, stock rods, 8 doweled crank. engle 110 cam, and stock lifters. I plan on using stock heads,with a mild port job by me. My questions are: Can i use the stock carb? will stock valve springs hold up?, or should i go with hd. Will stock pushrods work? What compression ratio would anyone recommend? I am not looking for a killer motor, just a daily driver, fairly reliable, and running pump gas. I also have a 009 distrubitor, without vacuum adv. should i lighten the flywheel, or will a stock do? oh 1 other thing motor is a dp. car has been shortened 21", top removed. plan on making a vert. baja out of it. Should be several hundred lbs lighter than stock v.w.
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Sounds like me about 5 years ago. Mine is a 1904 (74 crank and 90.5 kits). First what type of gas do you want to use? I run 87 octane with a CR of 6.9 with semi-hemi heads cut with a Berg cutter. I run the stock carb and manifold although I started off with dual Weber's, 44 IDA's but didn't like the fuel mileage. I had to go with custom push rods as I had to change the length, but for your application I would go with stock pushrods. On the valve springs unless you plan to use high rev's I'ed go stock...but check to see if there are spring seat washers under the springs as most suppliers don't seem to put them in anymore and you NEED them to keep the springs from working into the heads and putting metal in the oil. You ARE using new parts in the heads or new or rebuilt units I hope right? On the lightened flywheel for a Baja I would stay away from it unless you only plan to keep it on the road. you need the extra mass to keep things churning in the mud and what ever you intend to drive in. As far as the 009 I have this also but I have an electronic setup installed. It'll fire under water and to make sure you get it to the plugs use die-electric grease in the terminals for the cap and wires and get a can of clear spray paint and shoot the dizzie,cap wires and all. If you do that you can float across creeks and it won't miss a beat. The picture in my avatar is my old Baja Bug up as close as you can get legally to Mount McKinley on the south side of Denali National Park. To get there you have to cross some interesting creeks so I know it works.
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