Hi all,

I thought this might be a good place to start as I have decided to sell my 1957 oval.

It is in boxes (literally) and stripped to virtually nothing, including a bare metal blasting (that has now corroded), and has been sitting in my garage for a very long time.  I had intended to get it all back together and just keep it looking rat but, time/space and of course money, do not allow so it is going to have to go.

It owes me a lot of money but I am going to have to bite the bullet and let it go to someone who has the time and effort to do something useful with it.

It is a Cypriot car that will come with the original paperwork and all components (to my knowledge) bar a wing and a set of original headlamps (I have a pair of bus versions from the same era) The wings are not original but are pre 67 slopies that are genuine items (again as far as I am aware)

It needs some minor welding done (hinges and heater channels (minor) and the rear valance support thingeys).  I'll be able to send more pics but here's a few to give you the idea:

I'm in South London if anyone wants to view it but bear in mind it won't be coming out in the rain so a sunny day is required to view.

If you are interested in taking this major project on, please email me ONLY to skunklook@gmail.com I will only ever get time to check there and I'm gonna stick it on a couple of other forums.

Thanks for your time fellow dubbers!


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