I have a 1960 bug with  a stock motor except for the 30 pict carb. and centrifugal dist. that I believe is for a bus(010).  The car has no power I cant get out of third and third runs very slow.  I brought it in to a VW shop and they said I had bad points and a condenser.  Those parts were changed out and it seems to run worse. The problem I am having now is that it runs like a percolator, popping and skipping and still I cant get out of third.  The shop says it is because I need a vacum distributor and that if I get this my problem will be solved.  I have looked on line and alot of sites say the 009 cent. dist. will work perfect with this car.  Can someone please help me get this car on the road.  Thanks.

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If it really is an 010 distributer, then it's arguably a better choice than any 009 you can get right now.  However, either way just switching to a vacuum advance distributer won't solve this problem.  You need to go to the basics of trouble shooting.  Tuneup, valve check/adjustment, etc.  --Ryan

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I am having a somewhat similar problem. Here's the scenario:

My wife took our 72 Super to a town about 45 miles away. She says the car ran fine all the way there. She was out of the car for 30-45 minutes, and then started the return drive home. Loss of power after shifting to 4th. Power comes and goes quite rapidly.

A similar situation happened when we brought the car home a couple months ago. Ran fine for roughly 40 miles. Stopped, did some shopping and then when we went for home (about 35 miles away) the same occured. Loss of power above 40-45 mph.

So, same procedure? Tuneup, points, condensor, plugs etc?

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