hey guys i have a few questions

i have a 1965 VW beetle, and i was told it has a 1300CC in it. do '65's usually have 1300 or 1600cc?

i recently had a spark plug pop out. stripped threads into the engine. how much will this cost to fix. i was thinking of helicoiling it. thanks


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The '65 Beetle has either a 1300 or 1200cc engine depending on the country. North American models came with the 1300cc version. I can't see any solution other than the helicoil for the spark plug hole, unless you get into replacing the head.

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yea i was either gonna helicoil it or i have a internet budy in some far away state. his parents own a shipping company so its $10 flat shipping. he said he could pick me up a used engine head from one of his junkyards(i don't have any) but i'll wait for the helicoiling people to email me back.

i'de rather get it helicoiled anyway. steel threads are better then alum
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