I am looking for a 1968 VW Beetle to exhibit at the 40th edition of the Montreal International Auto Show in Montreal Canada from January 17-28 2008.  We are celebrating our 40th anniversary and we are compare 1968 models with their 2008 models in a special attraction at the show.  I have been unable to locate any 1968 close to original look VW Beetle’s in my area so am broadening my search. Please contact me if you have a stock Beetle and you are interested.

We will be covering insurance, transportation as well as free access to the show for the owners. Your help will be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance, 

Jean Cardinal
Directeur de projet / Project Director
Salon International de l’Auto de Montréal /
Montréal International Auto Show
2335, rue Guénette, Ville Saint-Laurent, Québec (Canada)  H4R 2E9
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Wayne Dean
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