This is a wonderful car that only has 135,000 original miles on it. The transmission is in excellent condition, the engine is in tip top shop. It has a reasonably new paint job on the exterior. It still has almost every original part that came with it. including the radio and ashtray cover

She has:
BRAND NEW floor pans, right and left side
BRAND NEW heater channels
BRAND NEW carpeting
BRAND NEW front and back seat upholestry
BRAND NEW headliner (not yet installed)
BRAND NEW visors (not yet installed)
New generator
Complete tune up
New glove box

Some things that need fixin up:
Rust spots on bumpers
SMALL rust spot in luggage area
Turn signal lever is somehow broken, I have tried to fix with no luck
Will need a new muffler shortly, it is fine now though
The interior will need painting eventually

I love cash, but will also take paypal....I can also take Credit Card through our company website, but we have to process the card through fraud protection first which can take up to 24 hours.

We will accept first time bug buyers, but please know that you are buying a 40 year old classic piece of with anything that is 40 years old there will be some issues that will eventually need corrected.....this isn't a Lexus, but it is a VW Bug in Good condition....
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