The combination of rising gas prices and insurance companies that refuse to cut me a break is forcing me to a painful decision.

I have to sell my Air-cooled Beetle..

Her stats:

1969 VW Beetle
Color: red (primer red)

All chrome trim intact. Original chrome hubcaps. No front bumper.. though I do have a nice set of T bars installed now. (not reflected in the photos below)

Decent interior. Headliner doesn’t sag but it has a few rips.. (Really looks messy under the back window.. I think the previous owner was trying their hand at replacing it and stopped partway) Seats need to be cleaned but are in good shape. Some factory carpeting remains.

1972 1600cc DP Engine. Has aftermarket header.

Car came from Florida. Low rust in the usual problem areas.. a few small holes in the pan here and there. Spot welding would fix. Spare tire well & passenger door hinge pillars are the worst area of rust.

The heater channels are solid.. and the heat works! ( I know right? )

Broken Speedo cable. ( spare is included in sale )

Brakes are solid.. no pulls.. stops evenly. E-brake cable is connected and works.

The trunk does open.. if you can figure out which loose cable to pull in the glove box space. I say glove box space b/c the glove box “box” is missing. J

Spare points and Condenser included.

ELECTRIC: Passenger side driving lights do not work.. though only the passenger front turn signal doesn't. The Plate illumination light does not work. The horn (suddenly) does not work.
Everything else electrical.. *does* work.
I suspect a fuse issue for the things that don't.. Right now I have some batterry powered LED lights lighting up the plate and tail light for nite driving.. keeps me legal.. and saves bread.

Good tranny.. Drives well with no shimmies or shakes beyond what is normal for a 40 year old vehicle. Might need a clutch adjustment soon.. might need a shift bushing soon.. The stickshift buzzess at higher RPMs in each gear. Usually not an issue except on the Xpressway.. which I avoid if I can simply b/c drivers of more modern cars don't give me a chance to compete.

Wheel bearings are smooth.. CV joints don't leak.. Suspension is solid. no uneven tire wear.. handles the road like a dream.

Good as a daily driver if treated gently. and with a little mechanical know how.. a little rust repair.. and some paint.. you'd have nice looker. I’ve been driving her on the weekends only.. as I have a ride to work. Lately she’s been hesitating a bit and not wanting to idle.. which sounds like it’s just the points needing adjusting. I don't drive her enough to the point where it's gotten annoying.

Asking $2200.00 obo

(Negotiable.. within reason ) I'll even throw in a floor jack and jackstands as I won't be needing them.. I will be keeping the tools that I carry in the car all the time.

This car has been.. for the short time I've owned it.. (Feb of this year) the best and most solid Bug of the 5 that I've owned. She deserves a home w/ someone who can keep her in a garage or at least give her the care she needs.

I had plans for her restoration myself but I just can’t afford the “Old Car Habit” right now.

Below is a picture.. I have more. Best to see her yourself.

Email or Call (502) 235 0815. Leave a Msg if I don't answer.

She may not look like much.. but she's got it where it counts kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself. But.. We're in a bit of rush so.. if you'll just get on board.. we'll get outta here.
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