Some years ago we removed the brake pipe brackets from the rear axle tubes of our '71 Beetle for polishing and chromeplating. Now we want to rivet new stainless steel brackets on but have forgotten their position.

Any help would be most appreciated, please see image in below link for more detail.


Illustration here.

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Does your Beetle have axle tubes or does it have the drive shafts with inner and outer CV joints?  My ' 72 has the latter and looks nothing like your diagram.  Are you sure that your ' 71 isn't on an older chassis?
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 The drawing that you have there it for a Swing Axle and not a IRS. For a 71 standard or super Beetle it should be a IRS set up unless it is a Mexican Bug. I have heard that all Mexican beetles were built as swing axles. Please check to be sure that you truly have this set up as it is the same as my 66 Ghia. If this is what you have I can pull the tire from one side and take a picture for you. (won't be till next week though-gone fishing)
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