Please Help!!!! I own a standard 1974 Beetle. I have changed the electrical and key lock portion of the ignition as well as the starter. I turn the key and get 12 or mor volts on the power when in the acc position but no power to the red with black stripe wire going to the starter. I meter from the key to the starter and no juice. It was starting fine before the key and electrical switch broke and now nothing even with the new switch.

Please anyone help, its making my brain hurt.

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There is no accessory position; I'll assume you mean you have ~12V at Term 15 with the ignition "on".

Assuming there's nothing wrong with the new switch or its installation, the most likely cause on a `74 is a failure of the seatbelt-interlock contacts inside the multi-function relay on the fusepanel. Even if the sensors have been disconnected to disable the interlock circuit, the starter-solenoid current still has to pass through these contacts, and they can develop resistance with age.

The red/black-stripe wire to the solenoid originates at this relay's Terminal 50. Power TO the relay from the ignition switch's Term 50 comes into Term C via a white/red-stripe wire. IMO the only way to permanently eliminate the problem is to clip those two wires off near the fusepanel and solder them together.

Another sometimes-overlooked connection in this circuit is the inline junction under the back seat (LH side).

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I turn the key to the first position and the fuel pump starts pumping and the lights come on in the speedometer. Its no power when i turn to the second position. Now the car ran and started fine before the switch went bad. Now i see the red and white wire going to the relay terminal but its an open terminal with no relay. Now if i disconnect the red and white wire then the two wires merging to the red and white wire through the 2 into 1 plastic plug are the ones that should be connected together, right? I meter starting at the switch and no power to red and black. Shouldnt i have power from the plug at the switch? In all but 2nd position (start) i get readings. If i need to merge these wires then i will i just dont like to cut and solder to no avail. I may just put a push button start system hidden under the dash. What do you think and any suggestions on a part from a chain auto parts store. Thanks for all your help.

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