Looking for some info about a vehicle I got in a trade deal. 1974 VW Thing
Any ideas as to the value and desirability of this car.
The floorpans are toast but the body is in decent shape.
It took some doing and a bit of time but I have it purring like a kitten.
Unsure of the trans and so on as the is no place to sit and give her a go.
I do have a clean title in my name.
Any help would be appreciated! Click image for larger version - Name: E07EBA2B-C8B5-4108-B00E-521041FC8210.jpeg, Views: 6, Size: 4.69 MB Click image for larger version - Name: DC2C1B06-B2D2-40C0-B7D5-A047D9086B7C.jpeg, Views: 7, Size: 2.08 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 078591AB-B242-4754-81B6-B545442E634E.jpeg, Views: 6, Size: 4.50 MB
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I’d restore it but then again I love The Thing! It’s a VW and a convertible! Parts can ce had here and maybe they could give you some advice on what is worth. Good luck with your Thing! Keep us posted!
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