The 12 month open A4 size 210 mm x 300 mm / 8.27" x 11.81"
26 page VW Calendar featuring 13 New Photos from my Volkswagen photo collection.

This Calendar is Professionally Printed with a 250gsm Silk Cover & 150gsm gloss pages, about 2 - 3 times heavier than a magazine. It will last a long way past 2009!

The Calendar is Professionally printed using environmentally friendly paper & processes.

The 2009 VW calendar will fit nicely in your
VW glove box or hang proudly on your wall.

All Air Cooled VW's

2009 VW Calendar Featuring
VW Buses Bays Splits and Beetles
See more about the calendar and Order from my online store

Also a link from my website's front page

please feel free to email or PM with any questions or comments.

Fast Delivery Worldwide by Airmail 7 - 14 days average

happy new year






Surf Art & VW's
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