Hello ,

I was wondering if any one knew where a fiberglass front end could be purchaced?
At one point in time there  were a couple of variations being produced.
I believe a 40 model ford , and  Willis front end. There may have been other variations as well.
Does any one know if these are still being produced?

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I have been through a number of VW parts sources and have never seen these for sale as newly produced stocked parts.  There was also the Volks-Royce which I have not seen for years.  Likely your only source would be E-Bay auto classic car parts.  Stuff like this comes around when someone is looking to restore a bug to stock.  MY72BUG came with square after market fibre-glass fenders.  I advertised them and found a guy who was happy to part with $200 .  I was equally happy to part with the fenders.  To each his own.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich.
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Thanks for the info.
I thought it had been a number of years since these had been produced.
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You can still get these parts and alot more.
Google BGW Spectre and check out the web site.
Its not the best a far as pictures but its a place to start.
The guy you what to talk to is Ron (owner) about what you are looking for.
They make a quality product at a reasonable cost.
They hand lay all their parts and only when they get orders so don't be in to big a hurry.
There are some other sites that have thier catalog online but I don't remember them of the top of my head.
Hope this helps.

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