my bug idles bad and sounds like it has a miss but when you play around and get the rpms up to about 3000 it runs great and surges at a constant speed i just bought it all i no is it has new heads the intake valve is 39mm and 94mm pistons msd ignition and duel 48mm webers when it gets going it screams but its getting it going thats the prob. please help....
bryan o
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start by adjusting the valves to insure they are all seating.

then run a compression check insure cylinders are sealing.

your points, condensor, dwell and timing.

Then check your carb, fuel pump, fuel lines.  Your idle circuit may be clogged.

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Dual 48s egh,, what are the specs on the rest of the engine.  I can tell you right now it's a jetting issue.  There may be a clogged progression circuit on top of that, but you'll never know until you get the jetting at least close.
And when I say specs, I mean EVERYTHING.  Don't skimp on details, it really does matter.  Duals are fun and very easy to tune if they are sized correctly and you're comfortable with them.  --Ryan

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