I have a 1963 all original 6 volt beetle convertible that doesn't want to consistently start.  Use to be that if I let the bug sit for 4-6 hours, I had a 50/50 chance that I could get it re-started without pushing it.  Changed the battery and then the starter.  Problem didn't get better.  Now I turn the key and the oil/volt lights dim; no action from the starter. 


Someone told me that they had a similar problem and finally converted to 12 volt.


Is converting to 12 volts a "wise" thing to do?  Anybody know what's involved with a conversion of this type?




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Here is an article I found at http://www.superbeetles.com




It looks like a lot of work to me and I've heard from 6V owners that if everything is working correctly you should have no problems with that original 6V system.

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