is there a special trick to getting the carbs tuned right? I have spent many months trying to get these carbs to work right. I have adjusted the valves, and all that, but I can't seem to get them to run above 700 rpm, I can't get them to sinc. above that. Once I get the motor running smooth it only runs that way for about a month. This is a brand new motor, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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No trick, just basics. Often the effective length of the throttle levers isn't the same and one carb gets more action than the other for the same amount of linkage travel (easily remedied by bending the lever(s) slightly) - until that's spot-on, with both carbs getting to idle and wide-open simultaneously, any other adjustment is pointless. The linkage itself could have issues (there's a lot of crappy linkage out there these days, you're almost better off making your own).
Do you have an equalizer hose connecting the two manifolds like a stock carb'ed III has? Some people insist they can get a better idle adjustment without one, but I'm not one of `em - it helps the mixture balance (by nature, a VW with dual one-barrels will run lean on #2 & #4 and rich on #1 & #3 at low speeds - it's due to the firing order and there's nothing that can prevent it completely).
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