Just got a 68 beetle gave to me and i need a start up procedure for starting it w/o tearing something up. Where would you start.......after the new battery.  Thanks

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If it's not been run in 8 years you need to drain that tank first. Probably wouldn't hurt to clean it out if it sat that long. It's bound to have some rust in it. I'd check the fuel lines too. Was it kept inside all that time. If it was that will make some difference. Regardless, check the lines, make sure they aren't cracked or anything. Especially in the engine compartment. Old gas is your biggest enemy right now. To do it correctly, you'd want to pull the tank, drain it, run a cleaner/rust prohibitor through it,(can't think what it's called off hand) dry it with compressed air and then fill it up and go from there. Chances are the carb may be sticky from sitting. Wouldn't hurt to clean it good too. See if it'll crank over then. If so just keep changing your fuel filter till it comes up clean. There's bound to be some crud in the lines. This should get you started in the right direction anyway. New plugs, wires, points, cap, general tune up stuff is a must also. Good luck.
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I put a rebuilt engine in a 74 that had not been run for a long time. My most recent problem is that the steel fuel line that runs through the tunnel is clogged with rust and dirt like a bad artery. Even if I managed to free it up, which looks sketchy, I expect the problem would return or the line would be thin, etc. So it looks like I'll be running a new line. You'll likely havethe same problem.


On the other hand, if you're getting enough fuel through it to crank the engine I would suggest you install a fuel filter designed for fuel injected engines. They are much more efficient at straining minute particles than a conventional filter.

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first before trying to fire it up, take the plugs out, and see if it turns over by hand, turn it over a good few times to make sure there is no piston sticking!

when your ready to start turning it over do it without the plugs out to get the oil pressure up first to minimise damage to oil seals when actually starting up!


clean plugs and replace.


bobs your uncle!

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Along with all the good advice so far, change the oil and also I would remove the fan housing and cylinder tins and make sure mice haven't nested in the cooling ducts it will cause the motor to over heat and ruin the motor, I picked up a motor from a type III that sat for 10+ years to put in my bug, when I removed the cooling system to convert to an upright fan the whole thing was packed full of nesting material, Don't get in a rush take your time. I speak from experience I got impatient and toasted a perfectly good motor.

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