The 70 Std Beetle that I just bought cranks really well but wont start. When it does it just barely runs. Once warm, runs great with a very load ticking or could be an exhaust leak..... not sure.
Couth this be a choke issue? Maybe a coil issue? Yep, I'm guessing here..... Sorry.
It has a Solex H30/31 PICT (Brazilian I think)
I will be doing a tune up real soon. Took a look at the Distributor this evening and it appears it is a 113-905-205-T. Not sure exactly what this means but thought I would give as many details as possible.
Any help would be greatly apprecaited.
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You need to conduct the standard " no start " tests.
1. test for spark - pull the spark plug wire off of #1 spark plug. Stick a screwdriver up the boot of the plug until it touches the little metal connection. Get the screwdriver shaft close to a nice clean metal ground on the engine. DO NOT touch any other part of your body to the car. Have someone turn over the engine. Watch for a nice healthy blue spark jumping from the shaft of the screwdriver to the ground. No spark? Open the distributor cap and watch for the points opening and closing while the engine is turned over. No spark there? Use a 12 volt test light to see if you have power at the coil when the ignition switch is turned on. Trace it back to the ignition switch but you MUST have spark down at those plugs.
2. Fuel - take the fuel line off of the carb and run it into a container that can hold gas. Have someone crank over the car. You should see healthy spurts of gas going into the container from the fuel line when someone cranks the car over. No spurts? bad fuel pump or blockages in the fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump. ( or is it out of gas? don't laugh, people have been fooled before)
Take these diagnostic tests and get back to us. My72BUG
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I know this reply is a couple of months late and you've probably resolved the problem by now. However, someone else may find this of some value. The
Brazilian made 30/31 pict may develop a fuel overload problem. In other words, flooding. The part that causes this is the float. It's made out of a foam material that has a smooth coating of some kind. What happens is that fuel with Ethnol will eventually seep thru the floats outter coating and saturate the foam making it unable to close the needle and seat thereby
creating a flooding situation. It may not be obvious at first but over time as the weight of the float increases, the engine becomes harder to start and
does not run very well when it does finally start, and your mpg will go right down the toilet. The plastic float from a Solex 30 pict-3 should fit and remedy this problem. Hope this is of some help.
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