I have a 70 bus with a 74 1600 Dual port conversion that I thought was running ok until my buddy and I took it out of my bus and swapped into his beetle to see what the performance difference was between that and his single port 1600. To our surprise, my motor was actually was noticably slower!! I then put it back in my bus and tried to run it, and now am having issues with it even running.
          I have tried to adjust the carb, but it has no, and i mean no, low end power. I am trying to tune it up, but am wondering if it is all in vain if my carbeurator is too old and worn out. I set my idle, but my reaction time on my air/fuel mix needle is delayed, and sometimes i can screw it all the way in and notice no difference in my idle until I hit the throttle and rev it up a little, then it will start shuddering.
          I am also wondering what my options may be for electronic ignition, and for a larger carb. I want an ok amount of power since i drive hills alot, but like many people living in this economy, price is a factor. What should I do? Dual carbs would be nice, but are a little outta my price range, what would be the best option for a single carb set-up? Who makes a good electronic ignition?
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Slow down and find out just what is wrong with your engine first. Are the Valves set right? What about timing... which type of distributor do you have, is it stock or a 009 as either has a totally different method to setting it. and last on your carb... is it a Pict34-3, most likely as this IS the stock carb for dual port engines. Are you following the Bentley official VW service manual instructions for setting this carburetor... if not you will never get it tuned right. Chilton's and most other manuals that I have had a chance to look at don't follow this procedure and if YOU don't your car will have problems with setting the idle correctly. As for an electronic ignition Pertronix is a good one, but I am sure others will be able to suggest a few good ones also. As for me I run a Bosch 009 with an old Allison xr700 from the late 70's, it has never been a problem(even been under water a few times) but I always carry a set of points and condenser just in case. As far as you and your Bus goes dual carbs would help or a single progressive but... In a heavy rig like that there is nothing like cubic inch's (or CC's in the case of VW's) Start saving up some money and invest in a stroker long block... I can tell you that nothing will put a bigger smile on your face! The example I have here is the engine in my Ghia(and while it's not a Bus) it's a 1904cc 90.5x74 with the ignition I described above and a rejetted stock carb. It gets an honest 34.5 MPG on 87 octane pump gas at 65 MPH and can pull almost any hill we have up here in fourth gear (swing axle Trans was reworked with higher gears from a very late model 76 and later single side case IRS) If you do the work yourself or at least most of it, it is a very reasonable way to make a major improvement to your Bus.
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Check and set your dwell @ 46 degs. then set your timing @ 30 -31 degs. @
3000 rpm. If you don't have a volt/ohm dwell meter, get one along with a timing lite. These are items you gotta' have if you own a V.W.

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