bought a 71 Sb that had been sitting for 2 years. The motor (1600dp) has been drained of fuel and left clean oil in it. It also was covered. The car is in Socal so it doesn't have much weathering!
I have replaced the oil, oil screen, spark plugs, all fuel lines except hard line under car, replaced fuel filter, fuel pump screen.
It has a brand new MSD Billet distributor, MSD 6A box, and MSD Coil.
It appears as though it is timed at ATDC 5 degrees. The advance springs in the Distributor ar set for 28 degrees.
I am getting fuel to the carbs, I have spark and it turns over but won't start. Is there something in the dual kadros that needs to be cleaned or lubed to get fuel in there? Is there a special way to time the MSD stuff before the car runs?
I am really close to getting this car started! Please help if you can. Thanks.

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If you're getting fuel TO the carbs, doesn't do much good if it doesn't go THROUGH the carbs.  When you say "drained of fuel" do you mean the tank was drained before it was put in storage?  Or did it simply evaporate?  Our lowly VW's do not have pressurized fuel tanks like the newer cars, which is one of the reasons they were outlawed for import to the US.  I left mine in an air-conditioned garage for nearly 5 years after parking it with a half tank in it.  There was NOTHING in the tank when I decided to resuscitate it, and the carbs were so gummed up with varnish from the fuel in them that I had to rebuild both.  If the tank was drained, but fuel left in the carbs, chances are you have the same problem I did, but with a slightly different twist.  On mine the float stuck on the 1/2 side, so when I cranked it, it ran on all 4 for about 5 seconds, then started spraying raw fuel out the 1/2 side (4 open header tubes), the fumes from which ignited from the 3/4 side spitting a little flame, and I had the biggest double barrel flame thrower I've ever seen.  It looked really cool, but was quite scary.  I'm just glad I moved it out of the garage before I cranked it.  I'm going back to my progressive Weber because of balancing and cross-over problems.  I can't get it to idle right with the twin Solex 43's.  It'll hump with those on there, but it's pretty hungry when it does.  I'll get decent performance with the Weber, just not quite the air flow I get with the shorter intakes and bigger carbs.  But the higher intake vacuum should help with the idle.

I'm afraid you're gonna have to open up the carbs to find out why no fuel is getting through them.  Most likely the jets are gummed up or the accelerator pumps don't work any more.  The ONLY way to clear one of fuel is to drain the tank, then start it and let it run out of fuel.  Even that doesn't completely clear the bowls on the carbs.  Best bet is to remove the carbs, open 'em up, and drain 'em, then reassemble and put 'em back on.  Before I even bothered to take them off, I'd go ahead and get rebuild kits for both carbs and do the job right to begin with.
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