Hi!  I just bought my first Beetle and am totally new to the VW world but trying to learn as quickly as possible.  I was wondering, what is the best way to lower my 1971.  Pros/cons of dropped spindles, coil-overs, other methods?  What sort of rim options do I have?  I have the 4 lug bolt pattern and I know it is the same as a 914 Porsche but was wondering if the Beetle shares the same bolt pattern as other cars.  I am looking to do a sort of volksrod project but have not fully decided just yet.  I am on a tight budget but do want to customize my Beetle.  Where is the best place to buy parts.  I also need a passenger side floor pan.  Any recommendations on the best place to buy from?  Thanks in advance!

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First is it a super or a standard beetle... On a super lowered struts are really the only way to go. If it's a regular bug then you have some choices but... the best one is the dropped spindles as you would still have basically a stock suspension otherwise. If you are looking to improve handling the first thing to consider would be sway bars... bigger on the front and one for the back. Then you can start to consider what you want to do with the ride height.
As far as suppliers, I have used Gene Berg(spendy but positively the best), Mid-America and CIP1 with great results. Also Airhead and just Ghia to name a few, but shop around as there are deals out there if you look.

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