I've new window lifter channels, window scrapers, and seals to replace but canNOT for the life of me get the mechanism out which I need to do before removing the glass so I can replace the lifter channels....the top tube of the mechanism is stuck where the quarterlight divider comes down into the door. I can't get it down past it.

 I've undone every bolt possible. Anybody else had this problem...and overcome it???!!!! 

Also how do you remove the quarterlight?  I do not see the cross head screw the Haynes talks of, that secures the top of the quarterlight frame to the door frame....

Cheers to anyone who can shed some light!!
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That is going to be the topic in Restoration Corner next month at I have changed mine and I remember the problem that I had getting it out. I lost a lot of blood and skin doing it. If I remember correctly there is a bolt that has to come out that secures the vent window divider in place. I had the door glass out and used something the pry the opening wide enough to slide the cable through. If you contact me with an email address I've give you a copy of next months article.

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