I am refinishing my wheel rims on my '72 super beetle and was wondering if anyone knew what the color of the original rims were so I can match it.  The car is robin's egg blue (marina blue). 

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All that I have ever seen were black for standard rims and silver for sport rims.  You can add chrome glamour rings and the little dog dish hub caps and have a nice combination.  I have a set of sport rims and used them for a couple of years but at a car show I saw a bug which had a pale blue, non-VW colour ( I think) body with matching colour standard rims.  It looked great  so I redid mine in matching  1988 VW Toronado red with the chrome hub caps ( new about $8.00 each from CIP1)  The combination looks good.   If you do this, when they are balancing your tires have the mechanic put the weights on the inside of the rim where they cannot be seen.  Go to the web site TYP15.com and look for entry # 330.  That is my car.  You can see the effect of matching colour rims.   Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich
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I found this at the Wolfsburgwest site: Wheel color "L91" chrome colored

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