I have a 73' Beetle, unfortunately I ran it out of gas almost completely and now its acting like its having trouble getting gas maybe, maybe having trouble with the idol, or something with the vacuum lines? It sounds like whatever ick was in the bottom of that gas tank got into everything. I replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs and spark plug wires, I also put fuel cleaner in and filled up the gas tank but still it dies every time you stop, you have to have your foot holding the gas down at all times for it not to die. This started right when I got it started from running out of gas. Please if anyone knows what this is contact me, thank you!!!
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Check your idle cut off solenoid for power. That component is on the left lower side of the carburetor. It's round with a wire coming out of the side
and connecting to terminal 15 on the coil. Sometimes the wire breaks or the connector pulls out eliminating power to to the valve. There should be a distinct click when the key is cycled. Find the valve, have someone cycle the key. hear the click? If no there's your problem, if yes keep looking.
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You probably got some crud in your carburetor. Now you have to clean out the carb or have somebody do it. What kind of carb is it do you know?
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it may just be a coincidence to running out of fuel, as it may be a faulty fuel pump.
With the engine stopped.. take the air cleaner off and look down the throat of the carburetor and see if any fuel is spraying in there when You push the accelerator cable on the carby Down/in...  The electromagnetic fuel cutoff on the side of the carburetor will stop the engine if it Has NO power to it
The wire may be faulty..  a new wire connected to the coil should fix it.   also the rotor in the distributor may need replacing as these can burn out or be partially burnt out?
or the condensor on the side of the distributor may need renewing [these were renewed about once a year ] they can play up when they are faulty..
If Your fuel pump has a filter in it it may be blocked..   Just make sure you have fuel flowing into the engine [carburetor throat] and spark..
and it should fire up...  Have the points been adjusted recently, as they just keep wearing down until the engine stops...  as they do wear out.. starting from the first time they are used... plus the points surface can be pitted or burnt..

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I would purchase and change your Fuel Filter along with purchase a Carb claener.
Once your Fuel FIlter has been changed;  Remove your Air Cleaner from your Carb spray the Carb Cleaner into the bowl of the Carb.  Allow this to seep through then attempt to start the car.  Keep the Carb cleaner handy to reapply the spray while the car is running.
Hopefully this works because the next proceedure is much more difficult.
Hope that helps
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