I have a Type 1 1600cc engine, 74 VW Beetle with PICT 34-3 California Carb. It has been sitting for about 6 years. Recently my dad and I are trying to get it running. We've gone through book after book looking for vacuum hose diagrams to make sure everything is hooked up correctly. I believe the 74 was the only year with a EGR valve so that might be a complication too. It starts and idles for some time but it won't stay running, my dad has tried to screw with the timing, but there's a hose that still isn't connected and it's concerning.
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Get a Bentley Official VW service manual it will have all the hose diagrams and it will give you the correct procedure for setting a PICT 34-3 carb as I have a feeling that is your problem.And VW parts store will have one and at around $35.00 to $40.00 it is worth every penny.
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It's not a car it's a VolksWagon
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