Hello  everyone,
looking for a little incite to turn signal issue I'm having.
working on a friends 10/74 type 2 bay window bus. Just installed a complete wiring harness from (cip1)
Installed new headlight switch, turn signal switch, flasher. problem is the left does not lite up when 
left turn is selected with switch. followed all institutions, & Bentley service manual.
Can not find circuit for the left dash indicator. Right side no problem as that comes right off the flasher.  this has been a 4 year nightmare, starting with a fire in engine, then van was stolen and used for a METH lab, got the van back trid to repair damage, finally gave up and found the complete harness kit from Cip1 .
everything else is working. Thinking I can not see the forest for the trees, 
THANX in advance CHRISS
christopher d. crawford
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I know this sounds basic but did you trace the wires coming from the turn signal switch? Logically it makes sense that there should be a wire for each side turn signal that should route through the flasher at some point. Figure out the working side wire and the trace the other and compare. Hope this helps and good luck.
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