My 1977 Fuel Injected Bug has started to "lunge" when I accelerate. It's always been a little bit of a bear to warm-up (won't idle without a little help for about 2 minutes) but previously, once it warmed up it ran fine. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem? Thanks!

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I don't have much experience with fuel injection but I would start with a pressure test of the fuel pump and you may solve your idling problem as well.  Make sure that any electrical connections to the pump are clean and tight.  Do you know the condition of your injectors?  Fouled injectors can be helped with a dose of injector cleaner in your gas.  Just follow the directions on the container.  If worse comes to worse, a new pump for injected Beetles is available but it is a pricey unit.  Dan (MY72BUG)
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Surging is usually a lean condition.

You could have a vacuum leak or the fuel injection may be not injecting the fuel properly to match your throttle position.

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