Hey there,

New to the board and I have a 78 Riviera Bus and it runs like a champ other than a weird hesitation/lurch sputter, stutter something, during acceleration under load.

It is most noticeable in 2nd and 4th around 35ish and 65ish respectively.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Thanks for any input,

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Is your Bus fuel injected? Did you check the timing and make sure that the vacuum advance is working properly? Has it been recently tuned? Just a few things that come to mind... 
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Yeah she is fuel injected and fairly recently tuned.

I am thinking it feels like an advance thing too, but it is hard to test without it under load.

It'll get to high RPMs without a problem when it is not driving, and that is kind of the mystery to me.  I would think that you could recreate the problem without it under load, but it doesn't seem like I can.

Thanks for the notion

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My 78 Westy does that on occassion and after ensuring timing is right I usually run some STP or equivalent fuel sytem cleaner through it and it is fine after that. Does it do it every time you go through the gears?

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