on saturdays my Grandfather always goes out to ride his bike on the silver comet trail(a really popular bike riding place here in georgia)and he saw an early 60's sunroof beetle abandoned in the forest beside the trail.does anyone know how I can get this bug?It's been my dreamcar ever since I saw the herbie movies.
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A few  things come to mind right away:
1. What kind of shape is the car in to begin with?
2. What kind of access do you have here?  Is it surrounded by trees? Can it roll?
It would seem to me that a forrest abandoned car even in the deep south is going to present major body issues to the point where it may be advisable to explore the far south west for a car with a solid body but in need of mechanical work and interior work. ( which are hands down easier and cheaper to handle than a clapped-out body)
3. Look under the back seat on an oval metal plate on the utility tunnel.  There you will find a Vehicle Identification Number.  Best you check that out with the local law enforcement.  Was this a stolen vehicle?  I can't imagine that US laws would be that different from ours.  Wouldn't you hate to rescue some car from a wooded grave only to find out that XYZ insurance company paid out a theft claim and it is THEIR car, not yours.
4. If any of it is any good, go back yonder with some tools and dig-in. Haul it out a bit at a time and use it as a parts source.  Sell, swap, whatever. 
I took a bundle of parts out of a cancerous $100 '73 Super.  Easily quintupled my $100 investment.  Anyway; have fun.  That's the idea.  Dan ( MY72 BUG) in Goderich

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If you are looking to bring the bug home, you can try going thru DMV.
You start off with an information request form. (gets you the info on the last
 known owner) You will need the vehicle id number (v.i.n.)
You write and send a registered letter to that person stating your intentions...tell them exactly what you are planning to do with it and that they have thirty days to resond. (save a copy for later use)
If, after the thirty days, you hear nothing, you take your copy of the letter with the reciept from the post office for the registered letter to DMV. At that point, you can do just about what ever you want with the car.

I just went thru this in Virginia and now have another bug for my collection.
May need to do something different in another state... Just letting you know how I did it.
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PLEASE, please check out your state laws first. Up here you would have to put the vehicle in an impound lot for those 30 days first. Then if the P/O didn't respond, you would be able to pay get the car out of impound...Not a cheap deal.
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if you know someone that owns a tow yard talk to them they will know what to do and they can get you a clear title for it after some work. im lucky enuf to have sucha person in florida he explaned the way to do it but pm me for that pls

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