Here's a couple of video clips of my son detonating air-bags at his work. Hey kids, don't try this at home, it's very dangerous!






Plus a Beetle with airbag suspension:


Wayne Dean
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I saw this trick done with an air bag placed in a shallow hole in the ground with a 45 gallon drum over the whole works.  Their record blast was done with an air bag from either a Cadillac or a Lincoln.  The drum went nearly 30 feet into the air - and like they said do not try this at home.  It always gives me pause when I see people tooling down the highway with one hand on the steering wheel at the 12 o'clock position.  If THAT air bag detonates, this guy is going to get the left hook to the face that he will never forget; assuming he survives the collision.  Dan in Goderich
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Hi Guys,

First time i've seen an air bag ...

usually they are inside a steering wheel or dash etc....

Air Bags have only been installed in all cars in Australia recently..


My 2001 Lancer has no air bags at all..

2006> lancers now have them...

Golfs and polos have had them for a few years...

Large cars in Australia have had them for a few years...

so, there probably aren't many cars that have been pulled apart with air bags as yet...


I've heard they are very expensive to buy... or replace in a car...






Lee Noonan
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