VW Calendar 2010

The 12 month A4 (open size ( 420 mm x 150 mm / 16.5" x 6 " approx) )
26 page VW Calendar featuring
New Photos from my Volkswagen photo collection.

The 2010 VW calendar will fit nicely in your
VW glove box or hang proudly on your wall.

The Perfect Gift for the VW Lovers in your life.

All Air Cooled VW's
2010 VW Calendar Featuring
VW Buses Bays Splits Campers and Beetles

Discounts for 2
or more VW calendars

Fast Delivery Worldwide by Airmail 7 - 14 days average

Price US$10

happy new year


Full 2010 VW Calendar Picture Set at

Also VW Greeting cards & Pictures Available.

Surf Art & VW's
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