I have a 1964 manx with a 1776 it has a alternater will a 75 to 79 work? thanks for the help

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Unless you have a extreme high output aftermarket Alt, about the only difference should be whether or not it has an internal or external regulator. I do think both styles are available although the internal (or one wire hook up) is easier to install. The one wire hook up is a simplistic nomenclature though as besides the main 10 gage wire to the starter or battery you also need the small wire to the dash light. After seeing which unit you need, a quick trip to your local VW auto parts store with a discription of what you have should get you what you want.
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I assume you converted everything else to 12volt ?
The alternator will need a new stand , I suggest the moterola w/built in regulator .
It was a easy install and probebly the best accesory I ever bought .
I think they have more idle voltage (faster wipers , brighter lights , faster battery charge) .
It improved the whole car .

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