I've got a 69 Beetle with 32,000 original miles that we put a white Hawaiian rubber kit in around the windows back around 92-93. It looked fantastic and really made the car stand out.

The car has been in storage since around the end of show season of 94 and we just got it back out last weekend. The rubber has turned a nice dark grey color from dust and mildew (maybe). We have tried everything to get this rubber clean and NOTHING has worked.

We tried comet, soft scrub, shoe sole cleaners, goop, gojo, degreasers and even mouthwash. The only thing that will cut the crud is paint thinner and a brass bristle brush. It still leaves some stains but gets most of it off. The bad part is the thinner softens the rubber so much, the brush is actually removing the top layer of rubber.

I spoke with West Coast Metric today and was told that nobody is producing these white rubber kits anymore. They also could not remember who originally made the kits.

Does anyone know how to clean this white rubber?

Does anyone have any NOS white rubber kits that is still white they want to part with?

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When I had white wall tires I used a product called "Bleach White",it comes in a spray bottle and it's for cleaning tires it might work. Good luck.

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There are two cleaners which represent the nuclear retaliation aspect of cleaning.  The first is acetone, the solvent in model airplane glue.  The second is the lacquer thinner type paint thinner used in automotive lacquer paints.  Wear rubber gloves when you use these and do all of your work out in open air as both are highly volatile and create powerful fumes.  Test these chemicals on an inconspicuous area and try to keep them away from paint surfaces.  If one of these will not clean the rubber, nothing will.  MY 72 BUG    Dan in Goderich
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