After standing for several years, the carb on my 68 bug was so gummed up that I bought a new one.  The car starts easily and idles very well for a mnute or two.  But then while it's warming up, it dies at idle.  It takes quite a few minutes before it is able to idle without pumping the gas.  Alternatively, I can keep the choke from opening fully and by doing so keep it running.   Once it's fully warm, it idles like dream.

Am I missing something?  Is there supposed to be a resistor in series with the electric choke to delay it's opening?  Any insight would be appreciated.


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Sounds like the choke needs to be adjusted
follow this link it should help.
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Thanks for the link.  Unfortunately, that adjustment did not help.  I'm beginning to think that I may have a manifold leak or that I just did not snug down the new carb tight enough.  (That inside nut is difficult to get to.  Guess I need to buy a stubby wrench.)  In fact, I can't get it to idle at all now without about 3/4 choke, even after it warms up.

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What new carb did you get? I've seen H30/31PICTs with a 117.5 main jet - 127.5 is more like it on a 15/1600. The idle jet should be a 55 (not a 50).
If the intake manifold preheat is clogged and/or receiving less-than-normal flow from the muffler (common with headers) it'll contribute to stumbling on acceleration with normal jetting.
Have you gotten rid of all the stale gas in the tank and replaced it with fresh? Old gas atomizes very poorly and will cause similar symptoms.
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 The car had been sitting for some time with well under 1/8 tank.  Lots of opportunity for oxidation.  Retightening the carb (although those nuts were not loose that I could tell) and replacing with fresh gas made a huge difference.   Thanks for the advice, Marc.

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