MY72BUG will receive a new convertible top in April in preparation for another summer of cruisin' fun.  You may recall the battle I endured trying to obtain the window glass and frame.  At one point, I had both.  They were both supposed to be correct for my year but they certainly did not fit together.  The glass would drop right through the frame.  This is a topic which few of you will ever need to explore but if I save someone the agony I went through my efforts will not have been in vain.
     I have attached two pictures of the frames complete with the tack strips.  You will notice that the overall dimensions are not that different.  Where the changes were made was in the width of the frame.  The 1963-1974 unit has an overall bottom width of nearly 1 1/2 inches as opposed to only about 3/4 of an inch for the 1975-79 frame.  Buyers were wanting a better view out of the back window so VW shrank the frame and made the glass bigger.  The overall size did not change much.  The other thing they did was to decrease the curvature of the glass.  When the '63-74  frame is placed ends down on a surface, the centre of the " bow " is nearly 4 inches off of the surface.  When the '75-79 one is in a similar position, the centre of the " bow " is about 3 inches off of the surface.  The aftermarket problems with obtaining glass are also solved.  You no longer have to rely on used stuff on the internet or rip-off places.  I received a new catalogue from Mid-America and they have excellent availability of both eras of glass.  Be careful if you do go after used stuff.  Many early Beetles had late era glass installed.  This was what happened with my frame which was sold to me in good faith as having come from a 1973.  It should have been right but it wasn't.  One more thing.  When you buy the hard rubber tack strip instead of the wooden or plastic ones, make sure that you replace the common attaching screws they give you with stainless steel ones.  Your finished top will thank you for spending that additional $ 3.00.   I hope that I have been helpful with this little missive.   Dan (MY72BUG) (up to our butts in snow) in Goderich

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Thanks for that great information Dan. I've always found that Mid America Motorworks has excellent products that fit the way that they are supposed to. Hope to see you at some VW events this summer!

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