I have a 67 type 1 motor, in a kit car, not a beetle.  I don't have the cooling vanes for the fan shroud.  Wondering if anyone knew where I could pick a set up.  I've looked around, but haven't had any luck.  I was thinking of upgrading to the dog house cooler, wasn't sure if this system eliminate the cooling vanes or not.  Another option I had thought about was putting a remote oil cooler on it, again, not sure if this would eliminate my missing vane problem.  Also, cylinders 1 and 2 seem to be running hotter than the other side, didn't know if this was a common problem.  I recently rebuilt the motor, new pistons, cylinders heads, main and cam bearings and all external parts.  Could it be that the new pistons and cylinders on that side are just a little "tighter" than the other two.  Lastly, if anyone knows of a wiring diagram, that would help out too.  Thank you.

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Hi !it's normal that some of your cylinders are warmer because your fan position is not really "symetric"! But if you have 2BB carburators you have to check if it's not running lean on these! here is an wiring diagaram

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