I have a '78 Beetle convertible that is having a strange problem. I went to move it out of the garage the other day and couldn't get it to shift into gear with the engine running. When the engine is off, I can use the clutch to shift the car into gear, but when I turn the starter the car jumps forward like it is in gear even with the clutch pressed to the floor. The right rear wheel is also locked up for some reason. The car would roll freely before in neutral, but won't now since this problem occured.

 I was thinking that the clutch cable has broken, but the pedal still has resistance. I need to find a helper to press the clutch while I look at the lever on the transaxle to see if it is moving. Any suggestions as to what is going on??

 Thanks in advance.
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I think that you are going to have to pull the engine out and see what is happening with the clutch. If the release bearing is still in one piece,the pressure plate is not damaged and every thing is moving properly then I would bet that the tube in the tunnel has come loose, and will need to be rewelded. Check the release bearing and pressure plate FIRST. If the problem is there you will find it.
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You mentioned that the right rear wheel is froze up. If you drove thru some water before parking for the nite, the drum may have rusted itself to the shoe if you pulled the e brake when parking. Simple fix is to remove the tire.
Adjust the shoes to loosen, then give the drum a few whacks with a hammer
on the outter face, where the tire mounts. I've seen this happen a lot when
the rainy season hits here.
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