I have a 69 dual port 1600cc that I want to buy the big bore 1835 or 1915 for If I buy the kit is there any thing else I would need other than a little machining work?  I already have the dual 44 carbs
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It would be a good idea to install a good cam to work with whatever engine configuration you decide on. A set of new lifters, main, rod, and cam bearings. Have your machine shop check and re bush, resize your rods when
punching out the case and heads.

Speaking of heads, have your guides checked and replaced as necessary and
most importantly, replace the exhaust valves with new. DO NOT reuse old exhaust valves, could be detrimental to your engines health.

Of course you'll need the usual assortment of gaskets and seals, maybe a new clutch and a decent carburetor to feed your beast. A stock carb will not
do for what you're planning. A single 40 IDF or even a progressive carb will
work. I just now noticed you've got 44's. That will definately work. Just make sure you get the jetting right, otherwise it'll drive you nuts.

If you're a novice engine builder, go slow, if you're not sure about something,
ask. There's a lot of good people that are willing to help out.

If you know what you're doing, get to it.

Much luck,

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