I was planning to rebuild the engine in October 2010 because #4- exhaust valve kept dropping to the point the rocker arm was riding on the valve spring washer.  I was checking valve adjustment every 1500-miles for accurate clearance.  This engine had 124k on it.  I built-up from a long block on July 15, 1995.  Going down the freeway May 31st I felt it losing power.  I got off the freeway and heard "Disney"type cartoon sounds of rattling and banging.  She shut off.  Coasted to the mall loading docks.  Had her towed, (only second time in 20-years, 1st time the 'eye' of the clutch cable was sliced through by a worn clutch pedal actuation arm hook).  New engine, see my signature for details.  She runs great today.

Interior is next...
'72 Super. Paint-7/20/09, 400+k miles, New engine case "41" Brazil, rebuilt German heads, new Bosch electrics, new Solex German carb. new German silencer. Built by Steve Tims Performance/Enterprises, Riverside CA. '73 OEM airfilter, (Fram elemement), chrome stock wheels, daily driver, 25.46-27.50mpg, driven 20+years.
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