I replaced the both headlights with some new aftermarket ones.  They worked great for about 10mins.  Then both went out. (low and High beam) Turn, brake and parking work fine.  Looks like all fuses are good also... any ideas?

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Get one of those cheap 12 volt ( I'm assuming your bug is a 12 volt and not a 6 ) test lights from an automotive store and start tracing your wiring.  Is there power at the lights - both sides?  Do the grounds go to a good clean ground?  Use a 12  ( or 6 ) volt power source to test the lights independent of the car?  If there is no power at the lights  and the new lights test out good and the fuses are good, I would suspect the light switch especially since you lost both lights so suddenly.  A wire could be off or the switch itself might have lost contact.  Buy some spray on electronic circuit cleaner and give the switch a blast.  Work it in and out a few times and see what you get.   Dan (MY72 BUG ) in Goderich
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Don't overlook the headlite relay or the dimmer relay, as it's sometimes called. Make sure its getting current and has a solid ground.
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I'm presuming the bulbs were 12 volt and not 6 volt...
its very unusual for both bulbs to blow at the same time but not impossible...
doesn't sound like a bad ground if the other lamps work OK..
the test lamp with a very sharp pointed end - You can pierce the cable with the sharp end...
with the other end grounded..
and if there is power in the wire then maybe a blown bulb..
I'm assuming You have no High or Low beam...
if so, its most certainly nOT the bulbs..

I just reread your post and see there is NO high or Low beam.. so 
it maybe the headlamp relay --

Lee Noonan
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