74 standard beetle
The problem started after I put new tie rods,ball joints,bearings and changed the drum to disc. I had one brake light out switched the bulbs and the other worked buy new bulb no bulb inserted now no brake lights at all fuse good.changed everything in front out did some reseach found out about switches bought one stuck it in now lights stay on. Figured no pressure bleed brakes again did and no change well went and bought another switch so now two new switches no change got mad bought M/C and installed that good news lights are off when key is on but I have soft pedal no brakes cant seem to figure out I bleed the brakes very little air coming out just want pump up at all.Now the horn I have power at horn can jump it with a battery it will blow Ive got power on the wire coming into the plastic cover ive ohmed out the cover no breaks can put a jump wire on hot wire coming out of wheel and ground it and horn will blow Ive got to get these two things fixed before inspector comes to make sure its ok to drive and get tag .Any ideas I will gladly try thanks in advance .
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Here's a link to changing the master cylinder at
Maybe this will give you an idea why you have a soft pedal. If power come to the horn button but does not come out when pressed it stands to reason that the button may not be grounding.
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