I'd like to build a fuel-efficient 1776.

So far I have the case, the new 69mm c/w crank, new connecting rods, new lightweight wristpins, and new Mahle 90.5 pistons and cylinders. Next I think I'd like to get the cam, but which one? I would think that a mileage engine would need a stock cam rather than my second choice, the Engle 100, but since I'm asking apparently I'm not entirely sure. And with such a cam, would 1.25 lifters working slightly larger valves be right? And if I used a single carb on such an engine--I've had that recommended to me--which one do you think it should it be, and why?

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Look at the last 6 months or so of Hot VWs magazine. By happy coincidence for you, the are at the end of having built a high-mileage 1776 motor through several issues. They charge for the back issues, of course, but in your case it may be money well spent. Check out their web site.

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I was reading your message posted on your engine and I don't know if you have decided to build it yet but here is what we do as far as building our engines. 
Stock Crank
Stock Flywheel
Stock Camshaft (If you want something with a cam you can go no higher than Engle 110 but for a 1776 I wouldn't go no higher than a Engle 100 but you can go 110)
1.4 Ratio Rockers
Chromoly Push Rods (you'll have to cut these to length with a band saw after you have measured them using an adjustable push rod.  Remember you must have your rockers in proper placement in order to get an accurate reading)
Rocker & Push Rods will have .001 to .000 play (but don't over adjust them to get .000 play)
90.5 x 69 Piston & Cylinders (Mahle)
Stock Heads with a Stage 1 Port & Polish done to help open them up a little.
For a Carb. we use the EMPI Dual Kadrons with upgraded main jets.
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