Hi guys, im new to this thread and i was wondering if anyone could help me.

So the other day i was on running on E and i pulled into a gas station and put a half a tank of gas in my tank. I forgot to put the gas cap on and left it on the lip of the roof. i drove off and then stopped after the engine running for about 45 seconds and then put the cap back on while the engine was running. after about 30 seconds after putting the cap back on (which isnt vented) the engine lost power, bogged down and and then died. it backfired once and wouldn't start back again. I dont think it was anything to do with the gas cap caused any problems.

what i am thinking is that maybe i pumped some bad gas, or that maybe the tanks at the station got switched with deisel or something, it was kind of a run down gas station too, not saying that it has to do with it.. i talked to an aircooled mechanic over the phone and he said it sounds like either diesel or water may be in my tank. or that sediment on the bottom of the tank clogged some stuff up.

I just replaced a lot on the engine and i just rebuilt the carb, its a weber 2 barrel 32/36 and the points in the distributor and rotor are in great shape. the plugs are only a couple months old as well. i had just rebuilt the fuel pump as well and i checked that, it still pumps.

what does this sound like to you guys? i doubt its a blown head gasket because it would still run right? if a piston detonated i would know, i just think its not getting the right fuel mixture or gas. Could it be my coil? I have a mechanical advance distributor at that. can someone give me some advice?

im going to drain the tank, flush out the carb (probably rebuild it) and flush the lines and the fuel pump as well as do an oil change and get a new fuel filter. I hope that didn't do any damage to my engine.

thanks guys!
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Sounds like water or diesel to me. The day that I was getting married I pulled up to a gas station in my 76 Bug and filled the tank with diesel(Not paying attention) It ran for about another mile and that was it. One thing though if it's diesel, pull the cap from the tank and take a wiff YOU WILL smell it.
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