Last Saturday I purchased a 71 westy. No pop-top but the camp mobile interior. It had a great 1600 motor and was in nice shape...until the fire. Yep! It looks like it broke a fuel line and caught on fire. The carburetor is a melted mess along with most of the top-end components. The heat was bad enough to melt the tail lights out of whack. Also, the fire dept saw fit to open the hose on the interior of the bus, so I have the water damage to deal with.


I'm battling with the choice of looking for another 71 in great shape or rebuilding this one. does anyone have advice for a project like this?



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Sorry to hear about your fire . I had a fuel line pop on my 75 Super Beetle, spraying fuel all over my garage floor. After that I replaced all of the 25 year old fuel lines so I didn't run into your unfortunate problem. I also started carrying a fire extinguisher as well.


Most vehicles that go up in flames are written off by the insurance company as the fire and water damage is too expensive to repair. You'd be looking at getting a new engine, stripping the Bus down to repair the interior and repairing and repainting the back end. There would be a lot of electrical work to repair the melted wiring harnesses as well.


In some cases the insurance company will write the vehicle off and let you keep it for a small price. If they did you could decide whether you could repair it or get another Bus and transfer some of the good stuff over.


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How are the rubber bushings in your shocks,, and the rear torsion housings ,, a-arms etc....  when a fire is big enough to melt a carb.. it usually takes out a lot more.  I have seen some pretty solid body buses scrapped as the damage a fire does is pretty costly to repair... check it out,, make a list of the damage,, and price that out.. double it and you will have a fair idea of what is involved
hope that helps

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This is a great link on fireproofing

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