I have 2 seats for sale:

  - One is for a later Bus, I think. It is a middle-back seat and was given to me by someone who only had two '81 vanagons, nothing older. The condition is decent, with little rust on the frame and no significant tears on the black vinyl. I have no set idea about what to ask for this -- I'd just like it to end up with someone who can use it. Photos attached (it's the one with the back on it).

  - The other seat is just a seat bottom, for the back-back seat. Again, no major flaws in the upholstery, and minimal rust on the metal innards. This looks like it would fit in my '79, so likely it would be good for at least 68-79, but no guarrantees. I guess I just don't know enough about back seats to be certain. Hopefully the photos will give you a good idea. NOTE that this would need the separate seat back to go with it. I don;t have that.

  No shipping on these, obviously. If you want either, you'll have to come to North San Diego County to pick them up, or arrange for shipping yourself. Thanks.
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