So, new to beetles, my uncles had them as did my dad when I was a kid but can't for the life of me figure out switch next to the fresh air control knob, (transparent red with white emblemed "B"). Being as I live in colorado need to know if it has any pertinence to heat operation etc, and also what the hell its for.
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It should be the light for when you have brake problems.
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Does your "B" button light up yet? It should, when you turn the ignition key on. It should go out when your mighty engine starts. It should then go on when your brake fluid is low. Mine didn't work when I bought my bug, so  I pulled off the red button with needle nose pliers and the bulb was missing. You can buy them at foreign auto parts stores or http://www.mamotorworks.com or http://www.airheadautoparts.com ,swap meets or we have a local bug junkyard where I bought mine (along with other parts). Mine works great now. If you have a older bug, you have a "press to test" button light. It's more trouble with them to get a burnt out bulb out. You have to take apart the button assembly.  

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