I'm pretty new to this whole beetle thing and i'm looking to buy my first. I was wondering if there are any general thoughts to consider before i get one?

I'm eyeing a beetle which the owner says is a 1302 but i'm not really sure whether it is what he says it is

Owner claims it to have  an all white upholstery, white fender lacing, wood steering 5 pc lemmertz rims detailed 1300 engine, new electrical wirings and stock radio

Do you guys think i should go for it or not? 

Here are some photos

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It's a good looking car... But snazzy paint job or not I'd be looking it over real good for rust.(just like any older VW) Pull up the carpet on the floor boards and look underneath. Use your knuckles and rap on the heater channels(lower part of the body inside where the floorboards bolt to) to see if they are solid. And check around the fender wells both front and back close to the bottom as these are places where VW's have rust problems. I like the rims that are on the car, but the ones in front of the car are painted stock VW "sport" rims (same thing that came on my 76) and for the engine, it looks good but wheres the air cleaner? I'd ask if it's been run this way very long, as this could be a major problem. Also with the engine off, the car in neutral and the park brake set. Go around to the engine and grab the crank pulley and pull in and out on it... does it move in and out? If it does just how much? The thing is clearance is only .005 max, so you should just "feel" it move, anything more than that and the engine is in need of an align bore and the thrusts cut. (major overhaul) So depending on what the owner is asking and what you find after inspecting the car, and then what adjustments the owner agrees to for anything found wrong, it just might be a good buy.
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that was really helpful!

although i have yet to see the actual car,  schedule keeps me from going to the seller's place and have a look, but hopefully if schedule permits i'll be able to see it before the week ends..

i'll post some photos of the problem areas as you've mentioned

Big thanks!

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