I have a 1969 beetle that came with an autostick transmission. I have driven it about 100 miles since I have gotten it. There is a growling coming from the transmission, and right know I'm short on cash.  I have a manual tranny that I have installed and I was going to put the engine back in and forgot about the oil/transmission fluid pump and the hoses coming out of them.  I want to leave the autostick accessories on the car because I want the autostick back in someday. Can I just loop the inlet and the outlet of the pump for the transmission fluid to the autostick cannister for a few years, that way I would not have to mess with taking the oil/transmission fluid pump apart and I could always keep an eye on the level of the fluid so the tranny pump wouldn't run out of fluid, and I didn't know if the outlet would have to much pressure for the cannister to handle????

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there should not be a problem with that but the best bet is always to take it off so there will not be any worries about your system shutting down over something small that was forgotten nobodys perfect...... just my opinion
1976 fuel injected standard is new to me but its my baby
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