A question for advice:

Would you replace a non-stock carb on a Bug with a stock one, or with what other carb? The one I have is too worn to last too much longer.

I have one of those old Pinto/Bobcat Weber 2bbl carbs, and it needed rebuilding rather badly. So, I rebuilt it. Along the way I found that it had been rebuilt (more or less) before, but sadly it's beyond rebuilding. The accelerator pump bore is worn out of spec, the choke doesn't work (good thing I live near Seattle, huh? We almost don't need chokes up here), and some of the brass parts were jimmied by the last rebuilder, and one had been left out. I did what I could, and it's improved, but it really needs replacing.

Now, I have a 34-PICT-3, but a manifold for it will cost about $75 around here, and I'm not sure that I would want to keep the stock carb on it for long enough to be financially worth it. Is there a carb that would be better than the Solex and would fit on this 2bbl manifold? Am I shortchanging the stock Solex? Is it worth having the stock manifold and carb on the car?

What would you do in a case like this?

By the way:

Working on my '74 standard Beetle is fun, usually. While I was taking the intake manifold and carb out of it, I contacted a couple of alternator contacts, caused a spark, and started a small gasoline fire on my engine. It didn't take much to slap it out with the rag I had by me, but let this be a lesson to y'all--unplug the negative terminal on the battery when moving metal around the electrical parts, like alternators.

That was the most exciting part of my day, thankfully.

This Safety Moment was brought to you by the comedy team of Impatience and Tunnel Vision. Have a nice day.
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You won't get the power out of a stock carb that the progressive provides, but driveability should be better. Any center-mounted carb (including the stock one) needs good manifold preheat to avoid a hesitation on acceleration, and aftermarket manifolds as a rule only provide a little - replace the stock muffler with a header and it gets even worse. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find another proggy, there are plenty around that people have gotten fed up with and will sell pretty cheap. Dual carbs work much better if you want to retain the performance; small ones like Weber 34ICTs or Solex 35PDSIs are a better choice IMO than "Kadrons" (Solex H40/44EIS) for a small engine but the Kads will work if you plan to go to a larger engine (up to ~1800cc or so) in the future and only want to buy carbs once.
If the stock carb you have is in good shape and you want to use it, a good used stock center section (with clear preheat tube) shouldn't cost you more than ~$25; I'll have to look through my stash but I should have one I can spare in Kenmore - email me at if you want to go that route. Be aware that you can still have some flat-spot problems if you're using a centrifugal-only distributor like an 009 in conjunction with headers, but it's usually possible to tune it out...a functional stock thermostatic aircleaner and warm-air pickup system helps.
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